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Regan                             Mignon                            Danikah
Regan        Mignon       Danikah
    The "SISTERS" are three beautiful, sexy, and extremely violent Vampire sisters. A number of short stories have previously run in issues of DECAY (the Mature Readers horror anthology) and the 'Sisters' proved to be very popular. They then received their own one-shot comic with a complete 28 page story in masterful detailed B&W art by Michal Dutkiewicz. The comic, with cover art by Frantz Kantor, was released exclusively at San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) in 2016 - the first ever Australian comic to be exhibited at SDCC and released as an SDCC Exclusive - signed & numbered to only 70 copies. A 'general' edition was released in Australia soon after.
    The one-shot comic is set in the hills outside of Melbourne, Australia, in 1881. Society's elite have been invited to a grand ball in a giant mansion, at night. The Sisters, wearing the latest French fashions, attend the ball, arriving in a horse drawn carriage. They are soon undressing in the magnificent upstairs marble bathroom and feeding upon the guests, using the bath tubs to collect torrents of blood which they then bathe in. However, a gang of bush rangers have also decided to gate crash the ball and rob the rich guests. Violence and carnage ensue when the bush rangers meet the Sisters.
    Although immortal and hundreds of years old, the Sisters look like they're in their early twenties. They are slender, sexy and beautiful, well kept. They always enjoy wearing high quality clothes, the latest fashions, and often strip naked when killing and eating, so as not to get blood on their precious clothes. Regan has a tinge of red in her brown hair. Mignon has a tinge of blonde in her brown hair. And Danikah  is a brunette.
    As they are immortal it gives plenty of options for stories to be set in various locations and times.
    The basic characteristics of the Sisters are based on the classic tradition of the triple goddess: the "Lover, Mother and Hag" (or "Maiden, Mother, Crone"). The "hag" character here is not a hag in the sense of being bent and ugly, but just in the sense that she has pure extreme hatred towards all humans.
    The girls don't have super powers, they don't turn into bats or anything else. They are stronger and fitter than normal with enhanced senses. They can't be killed with bullets, but multiple shots will definitely affect them. They recover from wounds quickly. They are at one with nature, having a strong bond with all animals. They can't control animals but the beasts do sense them and are willing to aid them if they can.
    The Sisters only come out at night. Daylight burns them. If they are weak then feeding will quickly give them strength.
    They do their best to keep their existence a secret from humanity and for the most part no one alive knows about them. Except for the German Uda family, which has been hinted at in a couple stories. In the upcoming one-shot comic, set in the 1880's, one of the Uda's first meets the Sisters and this sets of a family vendetta. The following generations of Uda's continue to secretly follow and hunt the Sisters. Again this has been hinted at in a couple stories.
    There will be no history changing events in any 'Sisters' stories. They generally avoid any historically significant people and events. They may have briefly met some of these people, but really only in passing.
    In the 'Christmas' issue of DECAY there were hints as to the beginnings of the Sisters and what happened to their parents. While only babies and infants they were taken from their parents and their parents then killed before their eyes. Danikah, the youngest, was only a baby at the time but has some small memories of the event and it has lead to her pure hatred of humans, more than the other two Sisters. The girls prefer to kill adults but will kill kids when pushed. They slaughtered a bus load of children in DECAY #13, but again it was hinted that they did this because one of them was particularly weak after a time of being hunted by the Uda family.
    In the "Sisters" universe there are, so far, no other Vampires or any other monsters or supernatural entities. It is pure straight human history with the
Sisters hiding in the shadows during the last 1000 years.
    To make it easy for artists, and to try and get some consistency from story to story, I have selected three models/actresses that the Sisters are to be based on, as listed below. (NOTE - the actual models/actresses themselves have absolutely nothing to do with the "Sisters". The characters are not a reflection of the ladies and no inferences of any kind should be made. Comic book characters will always end up looking like someone so I've just decided to use these three beautiful ladies as physical reference material only. If at any time the ladies want their likenesses removed I will do so immediately)

Regan - the "Mother" figure, the eldest sister, looks like Rachel Nichols. As the "Mother" type character she always has their best interests at heart, making sure they survive through the centuries without being revealed, always have food and shelter.
Mignon - the "Lover" figure, the middle sister, looks like Charlie Laine. As the "Lover" she is very sexy and flirtatious with both men and women. She is oversexed and just wants to have fun, to 'play with her food'.
Danikah - the "Hag" figure, the youngest sister, looks like Shyla Jennings. The "Hag" figure has a pure hatred of all humans: male, female, adults and the elderly, children and infants. She hates them all and just want to kill them all. Humans are just there for her to feed on.
      "Regan"                                     "Mignon"                                   "Danikah"
Rachel Nichols                           Charlie Laine                          Shyla Jennings
SISTERS created by
Darren Koziol

art (left) by
Simon Wright
SISTERS CHRONOGRAPHY (the 'Sisters' created by Darren Koziol)

  • SISTERS: "SILVER CITY" - the girls just happen to be in Broken Hill (NSW, Australia) in 1981... when a certain famous Australian movie was being filmed. In DECAY #23

  • 'SISTERS' - one-shot comic. It's 'Vampires vs Bush Rangers' - set in 1881 just outside of Melbourne, Victoria (around the Ballarat goldfields). The Sisters go to a party, a grand ball, for society's elite - to feast on the rich blood. But a gang of bush rangers have also chosen this rainy night to rob the wealthy elite. Chaos and carnage ensue. Stunning B&W (black and white) art by Michal Dutkiewicz in this 28-page story, written and lettered by Darren Koziol.

  • SISTERS: "A DAY AT THE RACES" - first time DECAY contributors Nicole Kane (writer) and Ben Sullivan (artist) bring us a tale of the Sisters having fun on Melbourne Cup Day, in another 'Ozploitation' issue (DECAY #21), set in 1930 - on the day Phar Lap won the cup!

  • SISTERS: "PRISON CAMP" - bored while 'hiding' during WWII, the restless Danikah heads out to satisfy her needs, not to feast but to simply kill, showing no mercy! 5-pages by Stephen Rios (writer) and Arthur Strickland (artist). Plus a new 'SISTERS' logo by Michal Dutkiewicz. In DECAY #20

  • SISTERS: "MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH" - a tribute to the classic tale by Edgar Allen Poe. Three pages of black & white art with splashes of red blood, by writer Darren Koziol and artist Amy Fairweather - in DECAY #19 (the 'Aussie Classics' issue)

  • SISTERS: "HARVEST" - a 5-page story by Stephen Rios (writer) and Arthur Strickland (artist). Regan meets a farmer who is looking for his missing cousin who 'likes it rough'. In DECAY #18

  • SISTERS: "CLASS OF 2014" - from DECAY #18, released in 2014, a 2-page story, written by Darren Koziol and drawn by Federico De Luca (in full colour), as homage to the classic 'Class of 1984' movie poster - also tying in with the front cover of this issue (by Nahum Ziersch)

  • SISTERS: "DEAD AHEAD" - 10-pages (in full colour) by Kurt Stone (writer and artist) from DECAY #17 - the 'Ozploitation' issue. Motor-biking in their leathers through the Aussie outback at dusk, the Sisters have a run in with a serial killer and his 'kin'

  • SISTERS vs the Nuns of the SS Gestapo - from the 'Ozploitation' issue of DECAY (#17). In a rush, escaping from unexplained events (to be told in a future story), in WWII Germany, the Sisters take refuge in a church. But deep in the cellars the church is not as empty as believed. Some SS Gestapo are having fun humiliating the Nuns. Appalled once again by how low humans can sink the Sisters kill them all. Written by Stuart Rumbel and Darren Koziol, drawn by Stuart Rumbel

  • SISTERS: "HITCHHIKERS" - a short 2-pager, written by Darren Koziol and drawn by Steve Lehmann, paying homage to the Twilight Zone movie. In DECAY #16

  • SISTERS: "STRIP POKER" - 4-page story written by Darren Koziol and drawn by Paul Abstruse. The Sisters are playing a game of strip poker with a couple men who seem to have the deck in their favour. Or do they? In DECAY #16

  • SISTERS: "WILD BEASTS" - a 4-page story in full colour, written by Darren Koziol and drawn by Kurt Stone. Set in the Aussie outback the Sisters are enjoying some time away from civilization, until a tour group feeding crocodiles stumbles on them. In DECAY #15

  • SISTERS: "SHOTGUN WEDDING" - a short 4-page story featuring Danikah alone, in an encounter with an Elvis impersonator at a wedding chapel in Las Vegas. Violence and some laughs written by Darren Koziol with super cool stylised art by Tom Green, in DECAY #13

  • SISTERS: "SCHOOL'S OUT" - from DECAY #13, a 6-page story going where others fear to tread, as the Sisters turn their blood lust to a bus full of young children. Why they do this isn't explained, though there is a hint that Danikah is weak and needs to feed, and feed fast. Written by Darren Koziol and drawn by Cristian Navarro

  • SISTERS: "CHRISTMAS FEAST" - a 6-page story written by Darren Koziol and drawn by Cristian Navarro from DECAY #11, the special Christmas issue. Danikah arrives for a Christmas Feast, joining Regan and Mignon at their table, throwing down a mutilated man in a Father Christmas outfit on the table. They have a heated discussion and Danikah starts crying. We learn a little of their history here: they are over a thousand years old and had parents. Their parents were 'taken' from them when they were all infants and they were treated like monsters, not as children. Danikah, less than a year old at the time, was too young to remember their parents. This is what has lead to her resentment and pure hatred of humans. Christmas especially is always a bad time of year for her. The Sisters reconcile and start the 'feast'

  • SISTERS: "HOT IN THE CITY" - a 2-page story from DECAY #10, written by Darren Koziol and drawn by Simon Wright. Set in modern times in a big city (possibly Melbourne). Three businessmen in a limousine think they're in for some fun when three sexy women show up, until they show their fangs

  • SISTERS: "BUCKET OF BLOOD" - 8-page story from DECAY #10, written by Darren Koziol with art by Cristian Navarro. A sequel to "The Tryst". Now set in 1879, three cowboys force themselves on Mignon. She fights back. One of the men shoots her. Just then her two sisters, Regan and Danikah, arrive. Mignon gets up and the three Sisters rip the men apart. There's been so much commotion that they have no choice but to kill everyone in the saloon. The Bucket Of Blood really lives up to its name

  • SISTERS: "CHEERLEADER MASSACRE" - a 4-page story from DECAY #9. Written by Darren Koziol with cute/sexy/girly art by Danikah Harrison. Some B-grade schlock horror fun as the three Sisters meet 5 sexy cheerleader girls practicing their moves, and decide to feast on them

  • SISTERS: "THE TRYST" - a 2-page story from DECAY #8. Written by Darren Koziol, art by Cristian Navarro. Set in the wild west: Virginia City, Nevada (USA), 1878. A lone cowboy heads upstairs in a saloon, where he meets Mignon. They seem to know each other when she suddenly bites his neck. He enjoys it and we see previous bite mark scars on his neck. She warns him never to tell anyone about her
'Sisters' artist quick reference guide

Hair and Eye colours:

Regan - brunette with tinges of red and has bluish eyes

Mignon - brunette with tinges of blonde and has brownish blue eyes

Danikah - brunette and has brownish green eyes

the girls have two fangs only from their upper teeth

they have caucasian skin and all around the same height (5' 8")

They avoid daylight and they avoid famous people - their aim is to survive and not draw a lot of attention