The rules for the Oz Zombie universe:
  • Zombies are slow moving. They are dead with little brain activity and deteriorating muscles and flesh. They can not run. They may lunge when in close proximity to a food source. Zombies move slower the more they decayed or damaged they are. Fresher zombies move better than old zombies.
  • Zombies can not talk. They just moan and groan.
  • Only humans become zombies. There are no zombie animals.
  • The Zombie outbreak is world wide. People refer to it as "Oz Zombie" because the first cases were reported in Australia, hours before in any other countries. As far as we know the whole world is infected, though it is likely that small remote isolated populations may have escaped contamination. Many of the worlds communication devices are not working and contact has been lost with most places. Some people think Tasmania may have escaped the outbreak
  • You become a zombie after being bitten by a zombie or by some other form of contact causing contamination, like getting zombie blood in a wound.
  • If you die without zombie contact you do not reanimate as a zombie. If you die first and then within a very short amount of time a zombie bites you then there is a slight chance that you may become a zombie.
  • The transition time between being bitten and transforming into a zombie may vary considerably due to a number of factors. From a small contaminated scratch it could take up to two weeks to become a zombie, during which time you will become steadily more sick. Severe contamination can cause transformation in as little as 20 minutes.
  • Zombies have basic instincts and follow familiar patterns, such as: carrying a briefcase to the office or wandering around shopping malls.
  • Zombies have no reasoning skills. Some might eventually be able to turn a door handle but that is about the extent of their abilities.
  • Zombies struggle on stairs and cannot climb ladders.
  • Religion has no bearing or effect whatsoever on zombies. Some delusional people might believe that prayers and church save them, but they don't.
  • The Zombie outbreak has yet to be explained. The survivors are more concerned with just surviving, finding food, shelter and other necessary supplies, and avoiding contact and contamination with zombies.
  • There are no mad scientists behind the zombie outbreak
  • There is no government or military conspiracy leading to the outbreak. Nor any other organisation.
  • There will certainly be some scientists locked away in bunkers somewhere trying to find a cure but with no success
  • Nazis are long dead and have nothing to do with the outbreak
  • There is no magic nor any other supernatural phenomena in the Oz Zombie universe
  • This is real. Zombies are real.
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