DARK OZ is an Adelaide based publishing and graphic design company, starting out initially to publish a growing line of uniquely Australian comic books. The flagship comic book is DECAY, a horror anthology showcasing many of Australia’s best established and new independent creators. A wide range of other comic books and magazines for all genres are aimed to follow, all by Australian creators, incorporating many Australian themes and settings. We have already established a phenomenal list of contacts with many of the best creators (writers & artists) and graphic designers from all over Australia, and we aim to establish our Graphic Design side of the company in the coming two years. We will then offer creativity for every possible aspect of design in every possible industry: advertising, gaming, concept design, web design, movie & television story boarding, album covers, posters, etc. We are also establishing contacts in the Television and Film industries with the aims of working for and with them, and of ultimately making our own films in the future.

        Our aim is for DARK OZ to grow into Australia’s no.1 comic book publisher, giving Australian creators a place and an opportunity to have their work recognised and published. We are the only company giving the Australian audience a regular dose of the fantasies and dreams they desire, without having to purchase foreign products. We are always striving to find new creators and new creations, to publish an ever expanding range of collectible reading material. Our business is Dreams & Imagination, to share those ideas with all, and recognise the talent pool we have right here in this great land of ours. We value originality, creativity and talent. Our aim is always for the best quality, in design and production. With the high levels of skilled professionals on our contract lists we are the one stop shop for all graphic design needs in every industry Australia wide.




Graphic Design

At DARK OZ we have contacts with many of Australias best independent professional and amateur creators, illustrators, writers and graphic designers.

Contact us now for a quote, no matter how small or how large the project.

email: darkoz.decay@bigpond.com
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DARK OZ has contacts with many of Australia's best independent creators. Just look at the list of contributors on the "Creators" page. From every corner of Australia, with specialties in every field of design, the DARK OZ crew are your one stop shop for every aspect of graphic design.
    Contact us now for any quote, from poster design, album covers, concept design, story boarding for television, short films and feature films, web site design, calendars, illustrations, portraits, etc.
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Personal / custom made comics

Personalised and customised comic books are a specialty. We can make personal or custom made comics for all your needs. Someone's special birthday? Want to see yourself in the hero role fighting super villains, monsters or zombies? Anything is possible.
2013: DECAY #15 was released in March 2013, celebrating the 3 year anniversary of DECAY (issue #1 launched in March 2010). To help celebrate this 3 year anniversary issue #15 was released with three variant covers, each released in equal ratios. This is the first time an issue of DECAY has been released with multiple covers. Each of these covers features the sexy but bloodthirsty trio of Vampires, the "Sisters". This issue was launched to much approval at Oz Comic-Con in Adelaide on the 16th & 17th of March.
    Issue #16 of DECAY was then released at Oz Comic-Con in Melbourne on the 6th & 7th of July, with two tables and big crowds. The beautiful Ginny helped sell the comics both mornings to adoring fans. The 'evil clown' cover (by Alister Lockhart) proved to be very popular.
    The Adelaide Zombie Walk was held on the 12th of October and DARK OZ was there taking photos. But instead of running a small article in an upcoming issue of DECAY the Adelaide Zombie Walk is getting it's own magazine: 28 pages in full colour at A5 size. This is being launched at Adelaide Supanova on the 16th & 17th of November.

2014: DECAY #17 will be released at Oz Comic-Con in Perth and Adelaide, on the 29th-30th of March and the 5th-6th of April, 2014, respectively. This is an all 'Ozploitation' issue, full of disturbing tales not for the faint of heart. Every issue of DECAY could really be called Ozploitation but this will be one issue purely dedicated to the theme.
    And being launched at the same time is the DARK OZ Retro Sci-Fi special, with a PG rating for all audiences. There are some amazing stories and art in this issue.

DARK OZ and DECAY will also be touring many other conventions around Australia, as listed on the 'upcoming events' page.
    The long awaited "SISTERS" one-shot comic is still in the works, with some amazing art by Toby Jackman and variant covers by Chris Wahl, Frantz Kantor and others.
    DEAD HEART, the Oz Zombie mini-series, is also progressing slowly.
    As each issue of DECAY comes out we've been slowly adding more and more colour. Issue #15 had 28 pages of colour in the 52 page comic. And the quality of art is improving all the time. The bar just keeps getting raised higher and higher.
    Other projects are also in the works, such as a continuation from 'The War of the Worlds' in "The Man Who Sold the World". it's H. G. Wells meets Jules Verne. The prologue story "Swastika Dreaming" in issue #15 of DECAY leads in to the "Caged Women vs Zombie Nazis in The Keep" comic, coming in 2014. And more projects in the works too. Check out the 'projects' page to see all of them.
    A number of 'custom made' comics have also been made in recent times and more are in the works. These can't be shown here as they are for personal use only, made to celebrate peoples birthdays, anniversaries, or simply their dreams, fantasies and desires. Contact us any time for a quote on your own comic.
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