Comic books and movies have always shared close ties. There really is no difference between story boarding a movie and illustrating a comic book. Many illustrators often move between the two fields of work, as contracts dictate. Many comic book illustrators also work in graphic design fields, from character design to concept design, vehicle design, set design, prop design, landscapes and more.
Here at DARK OZ we have those talented creators. All movie production companies looking for story board artists or designers need look no further than DARK OZ. We have many of Australia's best creators at our fingertips keen to start work on new projects.
The creative talents behind comic books and movies are linked closely together, and comic books and movies are also joined by the stories and characters they portray. Many feature films have been adapted from comic books, and not just the obvious super hero franchises. DECAY has many great stories that would make fantastic short films or even feature length movies. We are also looking at the possibilities of producing our own movies, with certain scripts well under production, though sponsors and financiers would be needed.
These are all exciting options and possibilities for everyone involved with DARK OZ and DECAY, and show just how far things can go when done well. Our business is "dreams and imagination", and anything can happen.

DARK OZ is expanding, networking with contacts in the media industry, and is now working with producers of both film and television.  If you have a movie that you'd like to see as a comic book then please email us -

Everything is possible for both promotional use and production - short stories, film adaptations, sequels, prequels, tie-ins, spin-offs, etc.

For the Australian feature horror film Red Billabong (released in August 2016), DARK OZ was contacted to produce a prologue comic (a cover and internal story pages), written by the movie writer/director himself (Luke Sparke).  The comic was given to everyone who attended the premieres of the movie Australia wide, it is included in specially marked Blu-Ray releases, and is also printed in issue #22 of DECAY.

With over 100 of Australia's best writers, artists and designers we can suit all your needs.  We're also keen to talk to film and television developers and producers to make DARK OZ comic book stories come to life on the big (or small) screen.
Are you making a movie? Thinking about making a movie? Need ideas for a movie? At DARK OZ we have people in the know and plenty of people keen to make movies, just waiting to be linked up with the right people with similar interests.
Australian Horror Movie makers, advertise your movies here: on the DARK OZ website and in DECAY. Our entire audience is focused on horror. Hit your target audience right on the mark with cheap advertising. Contact Darren Koziol at DARK OZ.
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